How to Choose a Glass Pipe?

What makes a glass pipe? The shapes can differ greatly but essentially it has to have three main components: a space for putting your weed, a pipe to draw smoke from, and a mouthpiece. The pipe should be designed so it stops the nasty parts from the burned weed to come to your mouth. And the most important part there is no water for the smoke filtration, just a pipe, and weed.


There are many types of glass pipes, and you can choose just the right one for you. The thing with them is that they are made out of glass, obviously, but this makes them easy to shape and to color. This is why there are so many variations. They can be unique and artistic, or mass produced. This depends on how much you are willing to give for your pipe.

The pipes can be one-hitters, or somewhat bigger so you can share a smoke with someone. Of course, this can influence the price, but with pipes, you are not paying for the size but the quality and craftsmanship. Beside glass pipes, you can also find conventional wooden and cork pipes, or new metal ones.

Buying a pipe

We must never forget that looks can be deceiving, this rule can be applied when we are shopping for pipes as well. First of all, pipes are here to serve a purpose. That is so we can smoke weed. Some of the more elaborate models can be very impractical for doing that task.


This can make your pipe essentially useless. So, when you get in a pipe shop, make sure that you try out what you want to buy. Some peace’s look really cool but if you can’t smoke weed out of them than you are buying a glass decoration for your display case.

What makes a good pipe?

The first rule is that it should have big enough bowl so you can put in enough weed, and you don’t have to reload all the time. The pipe should not be too big, you want it to be portable and easily concealable. Not something that will take a lot of space in your pocket. The pipe should also be easy to clean, and there are even some glass ones that you can take apart and wash.

The more complex the pipe is the harder it is going to be for you to clean it. This does not mean that you should only buy the ones that are straight, but you should give it some thought. If a lot of resin piles up it can destroy the taste of your smoke.

One more thing you should have in mind is the distance between the weed and your mouth will influence the harshness of the smoke. The length of the pipe will determine how cool the smoke will be before it enters into your lungs. So, if you like a harsh smoke buy a glass pipe with a small tube, and if not, well you know what to do.