Bars in New York that Will Blow Your Mind

Cities like New York have a lot to offer the same goes for bars. Everything from theaters and museums to bars and restaurants. Yes, you will find it all in a city that has become famous all over the world for the many different things it offers.  

There are a lot of bars in the city, and they are all different even thou they serve the same purpose as any other. That is, they are here for us to have a drink, and a pleasant conversation with friends, family and loved ones.

We wanted to give you examples of some of the bars that can blow your mind, and we are not talking just about a rooftop bar with amazing views of the city. Quite the opposite we will look at all the bars and give you a sample of what we think are the best ones.

Angel’s Share

This is a Japanese culture inspired bar, hidden from sight behind an unmarked door. The bar is located in the East Village. This bar has been around for over twenty-five years and the bartenders are excellent at making serious and well-designed drinks.

The interior of the bar is elegantly designed with painted walls depicting beautiful and resting angels that flow thru the clouds.



This bar is new to the scene, it was opened in 2014 but it has had significant success since its opening. It is located on the Lower East Side at the place of the missed Milk and Honey bar. The new owners changed the name but stuck to the principle of having a no food cocktail bar. The design is modern and the location and view are today for. Definitely a must-see while you visit the city.


This bar is also known by the name Horseshoe bar because of the shape of the service station for the drinks. This is one of those old-school places with a bunch of regulars that you can see every day and a group of students that drink and listen to metal on the jukebox. The bar has that feel that old bars had, and it is an excellent place to make friends because of the intimate feel of the interior and the size of the bar. If you like the old school bar experience this is the place for you.

Death+ Co

Even thou the name of the bar is canister this is not a place you want to miss. The bar uses death symbols and a lot of panache to get you stimulated and thirsty for more drinks. You can choose from a variety of cocktails that will be served to you with a lot of excitement and fun.

The bar has become so popular over the years that you definitely have to wait in line to get in but you should do that because the experience you will get inside will be worth it.