Gallery Patrons Play Truth or Dare

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Last Friday’s gallery opening for “Objectify This” saw 300+ people in attendance. They were treated to incredibly unique work, interpretive dance, limited edition prints, and feasting on bloody cupcakes. But perhaps our favorite part of the night was not what our guests got out of the event, rather what they left behind.

On an unassuming blue card, Design Cloud asked a simple question….rather posed a dare to our guests: “We dare you to take a creative risk.”

We got all kinds of responses, some hilarious, some deeply personal. Our favorites:

“I am going to complete a catch during my trapeze lesson!”

“To lock Kristin Wiig up and steal her identity.”

“I am going to ride a horse to California”

The catch with these magical blue cards is they will be mailed back to the participant in 30 days as a reminder to pursue their creative risk. Design Cloud’s core values include encouraging each member to push themselves into “risky” creative territory. Only good things can happen: learning, inspiration, growth.

We’d like to thank the 100 participants in this exercise, it gave us valuable insight into the minds of the people who have come to be a part of the Design Cloud atmosphere.


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