MOUNT Residency: Our Space, Your Walls

Here / Now : Summer Residency, 2014

Design Cloud presents HERE | NOW, an exhibition visualizing stress, loss, and longing through new and evolving work from artists Stacia Yeapanis and Jason Uriah White, curated by MOUNT Resident MK Meador.

The exhibition is on display and available for viewing Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm, until October 24th, 2014. All works are for sale.

For the first time at Design Cloud, we’re excited to launch an immersive, interactive space to compliment the physical installation.

Past Residencies

THINGS: Spring Residency, 2014
Resident: Michal Novotny. (Watch Video + More Info)
Murmurings: Winter Residency, 2014
Residents: Allen and Remy. (Watch Video + More Info)
Revisiting Undomesticated: Fall Residency, 2013
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What is MOUNT?

MOUNT is a juried curatorial residency hosted by Design Cloud. Curatorial ideas abound, but exhibition walls are scarce. We are providing a unique platform for curators and artists to develop and execute boundary-pushing exhibitions. We seek to close the gap between curator and exhibition space by awarding our walls, resources and a stipend for a three-month duration.

MOUNTOur coworking studio doubles as a community-driven art gallery and event space. Art overlapping with design provides daily inspiration and keeps us relevant. We developed MOUNT to help artists and build community in order to better thrive at the intersection of art, design, and technology.

What YOU Get

  • Our walls for three months. Get creative, change it up, use them wisely.
  • An exhibition space within a prime location. Our gallery thrives in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop arts district.
  • Consultation sessions with Design Cloud marketing, event planning, design, and business experts. Learn the ropes and logistics for exhibiting in our space.
  • Branding, graphic design, and coordination. Up to 50 hours of combined professional brand conception, graphic design, and event program assistance.
  • Free co-working space. Work with us for the duration of your residency.
  • Design Cloud PR and marketing. Assistance in the promotion of your exhibition(s) through our contacts and social media channels.
  • Stipend of $1,000. To be allocated to your residency and programming.

What WE Get

  • A gallery full of challenging and inspiring artwork. This aids us in our desire to operate at the intersection of art, design, and technology.
  • Your contribution to our culture. Be present. Share your stories on our blog, learn, and collaborate with the Cloudsters.
  • Your expertise. Maintain the level of excellence within our gallery, including but not limited to installation, maintenance, and de-installation.
  • A minimum of three programming events in conjunction with your exhibition. Opening reception, panel discussion, performances, artist talks, etc.
  • An expanded audience. We like to meet new people. Get yourself out there. Get people to the gallery.
  • Post-residency follow up. Stick around. Three months is just the beginning