Thank You, And A Bittersweet Goodbye (For Now)

Dear Friends and Colleagues of Design Cloud:

After almost three years, it is with regret that Design Cloud will shut it’s doors as of October 31st, 2014. I can only describe the decision as bittersweet. I feel immense pride for what we accomplished, and how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. Because of these accomplishments, it’s really sad to see it coming to an end.

Knowing how Design Cloud contributed to Chicago’s creative community has been worth all of the hard work and endless hours. We have provided substantial design and gallery work to almost 50 creatives, exceeding $1.1M in payouts and contracts. We have curated 19 gallery exhibitions featuring over 75 local and international artists. At our events, people found new friends, colleagues, mentors, and yes, lovers. What an incredibly special vibe this place provided for so many.

 Design Cloud Just in the last month, six people separately either emailed or thanked me personally for the connections Design Cloud provided, which fueled their aspirations and provided tangible benefit. To this, I say fuck yeah.

Looking ahead, the website will remain live as an online place of resources, referrals and an archive. Personally, I’m excited beyond measure to re-start my real estate development career. Design Cloud has provided a new lens for how to re-imagine urban neighborhoods.

No doubt, I will look back at this being one of the best periods in my life, filled with incredible growth and fulfillment. For this I am deeply grateful to everyone who contributed. There’s a specific group I’d like to thank. My sister Christine, Tony DeLio, Justin Alexander, Josh Frank, Mike Carpenter, and Jennifer Choi. And of course, my parents.

Taking a leap of faith requires lots of risks and challenges, none of which I’ll ever regret. As risk taker, tastemaker, and ultimate rock star Mick Jagger once said, ‘Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind.’

Best Wishes,

Nick Stocking
Principal and Founder
Design Cloud, LLC